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The Best Fat Loss Exercises For Women

The Best Fat Loss Exercises For Women

Ladies, in this article you will discover some of the best fat loss exercises for women. But if you want to lose fat and even get a flat belly it is time to cut out the crap. I am not going to tell you to do the exercises you will like. Perhaps the exercises may look a little bit different. And to be honest it wouldn’t surprise me if you end up in sweat after doing them. That is a good sign because the traditional fat burning exercises for women do look very easy, in fact they are but their intensity is far from high enough. There is a saying in life that is definitely true when it comes to fat burning. To get different results you will have to do things different. If you are a lazy person then this article is not for you, if you are motivated but are looking for some additional help then you will enjoy and benefit from this article.
High Intensity Interval Training One of the best fat burning exercises for women is HIIT or high intensity interval training. HIIT training is ten times more powerful then low intensity cardio training. With low intensity cardio training I mean jogging, walking, treadmill exercises and soon. HIIT workouts are performed at such a high level of intensity that your body will spend the rest of the day expending energy to recover. Yes you will definitely end up in sweat and maybe tears if you do this for the first time. Getting out of your comfort zone is the key to lose fat fast.
Weight training to get super lean One of the best exercises to lose fat fast for women is weight training. Most women unless they are bodybuilding don’t do weight lifting exercises to get super lean. This is a very if not the hugest mistake you can make. Most women who are following a traditional diet lose muscle weight and that is a crucial reason why conventional diets don’t work. Do not be afraid you will end up like a female bodybuilder this will not happen. In contradiction to cardio exercises weight training does not burn fat during the workout, during a weight lifting workout your body burns sugar. But after the weight lifting workout your body acts up like a non stop fat burning workout. No I’m not going to lie to you training with dumbbells once a week won’t do the work. You should implement weight training in your daily lifestyle. To lose fat fast follow a weight training workout at least 3 or 5 times per week.

So the best fat loss exercises for women are not the ones discussed in magazines orthe exercises you like the most but the exercises that are high in intensity.

Source by Frederik Smith

The Difference Between Supplements and Diet Pills

The Difference Between Supplements and Diet Pills

What is the difference between supplements and diet pills? It’s true that they are very alike; that’s probably why many people think that they are even the same thing! But, the benefits of each are distinct enough to be categorized as separate aids to dieting. The thing that remains the same for both of them is that they each contribute to the effectiveness of your weight loss, but differ in functionality (why they are taken).

Let’s begin explaining the difference between supplements and diet pills by describing what a supplement is and what it’s for. Supplements can be taken as a liquid (mixed in with a beverage), a capsule (to be swallowed as a pill) or a powder. The reason you would take a supplement is to boost a particular vitamin or mineral in your body that is deficient, and to support your body with certain things it needs to function, that your body may not be producing enough of naturally. For instance, let’s look at the most common vitamin calcium. The natural properties of this vitamin specialize in muscle growth. Now, if you find that you exercise very often, but fail to see much change in your muscle size, it is possible that your body suffers from slight calcium deficiency. In this case, you would take a calcium supplement to make up for your lower calcium levels. Doing so will boost the calcium in your body to its proper levels, helping you to get more out of your workouts and begin to see muscle growth at a faster rate. For another example, I’ll suggest potassium (the mineral that holds the number 3 spot of importance and amount in your body). The sole function of potassium is to regulate digestion and is what is burned to extract energy from the food you eat by converting certain elements. A situation where the need of a potassium supplement would arise can be found if you easily get fatigued when exercising. Taking a potassium supplement on its own however will not give you energy, it only helps deliver more energy to you when you eat something like a… what’s a good snack when exercising… a granola bar. When you take a break to get a bit of energy from your granola bar, you will find that little snack gives you much more to go on with the aid of a potassium supplement.

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Best Home Fitness Equipment

Best Home Fitness Equipment

There are many good reasons you need to be concerned about your physical health and protect yourself from the increasing numbers of cases of heart related diseases, diabetes, and obesity that are a threat to both men and women today.

Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and convenience of your own home. It brings the gym to your home.

Advantages of exercising with a home fitness equipment are:

o It is fun & it is easy to use

o It improves endurance and overall fitness.

o It lowers cholesterol levels,

o It reduces stress & tension.

For time savings and convenience, there is simply nothing better than having home fitness equipment, so that you can get the workout done and have no excuses for skipping it.The good news is that home fitness equipment is no longer a luxury that only the rich can afford to have at the ready.

As far as the selection of home fitness equipment goes, there are many different kinds of equipment from which to choose.

There are also a number of choices in at home fitness equipment that are designed for whole-body workouts which can also be a good choice for your home gym.

Home fitness equipment includes a large variety of equipment e. g. cardio equipment, strength equipment, abdominal machines, inversion tables, free weights, lifting accessories, boxing gear, exercise balls, yoga products, boxing, cardio kickboxing gear, ankle weights, balance boards, back machines and weightlifting equipment.

When you are looking to buy home fitness equipment one of the most important considerations to make is the amount of available space where the equipment is going to go & the amount of investment you would like to make.

In determining what Home Fitness Equipment to purchase,you need to define your goals and consider the type of exercise machines that can help you reach those goals.

Treadmills and stationary bikes are great examples of the best home fitness equipment that provide the best aerobics workout.

Muscular development is a key element in maintaining the health of the body and should be considered when choosing the best home fitness equipment.

Choices of the best home fitness equipment for muscle development include freestanding weights, dumbbells, and other weight resistance equipment.

Some of the best home fitness equipment to use for your stretching exercises includes resistance bands or tubes, back stretcher, and slant boards.


While traditional crunches work only your stomach muscles, ball exercises work your back muscles along with your abdominals, which stretches or elongates your abs.

To lose fat and build cardiovascular endurance, people may need only 20 minutes of aerobic exercise per day.

Get the ultimate in aerobic exercise through Rowing machines. Abdominal exercise equipment will help you sculpt your body. An exercise trampoline will bounce you all the way to fitness.

When the Exercise Equipment is right in front of you, in your living room or bedroom or exercise room, it becomes the motivation. Choose exactly the right weight for lower body exercises.

Pull ups are one of the most intense exercises in the world, and the only equipment they require are pull up bars. Pull up bars let you work out so many muscles with a single exercise.

Stretching exercises focus on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Stretching is a warm-up process accomplished prior to your exercise program.

The benefits of a regular exercise schedule, utilizing this equipment, helps in the possibility of weight-loss, strengthening of the heart, an increase in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), and an increase in energy levels.


Nutrition is a very important part of any exercise weight training program.

You can reach any health and fitness goal you set for yourself.

Many professional athletes and trainers agree that a great physique and a healthy body are built on 60% nutrition and 40% training.


Cardiovascular or aerobics (with oxygen) is an important aspect to a physical exercise regimen and choice of the best home fitness equipment.

A step can be used for cardio activities, such as step aerobics, and also do double-duty as a weight bench.

One of the most complete cardiovascular exercises around has to be rowing. If you want something for cardio work, a step machine may be your best home exercise equipment option.

Your choice can be an elliptical trainer, stationary bike, or any cardio equipment that will not only make your heart healthy but your overall physical as well.

A good cardiovascular workout will elevate your heart rate to about 105 to 112 beats per minute.


Now that flexibility is getting more attention as an essential component of a balanced fitness program, various equipment and accessories are being developed to help you stretch better, more efficiently and more comfortably.

When you are purchasing home fitness equipment you might want to explore some of the add-ons and other options like the medicine balls and other accessories or some training books and videos.

You may also like to consider other accessories: Weightlifting gloves, knee wraps, lifting hooks, lifting straps, elbow wraps, weight lifting straps, weight lifting belts, weight lifting bars, spring clips, clamps & collars, gym chalk, weight lifting accessories, Weight Plates & Dumbbells.


1) Home fitness equipment allows you to get in shape in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

2) You need to define your health goals and consider the type of exercise

machines that can help you reach those goals.

3) Some of the most popular items for the home fitness center are: treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bicycles, abdominal machines,

free weights, stair climbers and rowing machines.

Source by Pradeep Mahajan

7 Bodyweight Exercises For Extraordinary Strength

7 Bodyweight Exercises For Extraordinary Strength

Listed below are 7 bodyweight exercises that can be done at home to improve strength and endurance.

  1. Bear crawls – Get down on all fours and ‘crawl’ or walk around like a bear. Bear crawl for three to five minutes to work the entire body.You may look silly, but this movement should not be overlooked.
  2. Spiderman Push-ups – One of the harder push-ups. Assume a normal push-up position and as you lower your body to the floor, bring your knee to your elbow.Return to the normal push-up and repeat for the other knee. Repeat this 10 times.
  3. Lunges – Stand with feet close together. With hands on your hips, step forward with one leg into a deep lunge, whilst keeping the other leg straight. Push yourself back up and repeat with the other leg.
  4. 1 leg Squat – One of the best leg exercise that you can do with your bodyweight. This will make you become more stable and challenge your leg strength, endurance, balance and agility.In a standing position, raise one leg out as straight as possible in front of you, and squat down on one leg until your thigh touches your calf. Thereafter, return to the starting position on the same leg. For extra balance, hold your arms straight out.

    For beginners, try to get your thighs parallel to the floor. And as your strength increase, get down as low as possible.

  5. Squats – In a standing position, squat down until your thighs touches your calf. It may sound easy, but try to doing this 100 times!
  6. Opposite Elbow Touch – In a push up position, bend one arm at the elbow to a 90 degree position and touch the opposite arm. Return to the original position and repeat for the other arm.
  7. Handstand Push-ups – Try this against a wall and get into a handstand against the wall with your legs straight up.Whilst looking forward in a handstand position, lower yourself to the floor and when your head touches the floor, push yourself back up to the starting position. Try doing this 5 times, and if you find it difficult initially, try to hold in a handstand position for 60 seconds.

The above bodyweight exercises are great for both women and men.

To mix it up more, try a combination of upper and lower bodyweight exercises without rest. That is, 10 ‘Spiderman Push-ups’ reps followed immediately with 10 ‘1 leg squat’ on each leg. Rest for 60 seconds and repeat.

Do this you will build strength and burn fat fast.

Source by Jason Oh

Physique Zero – The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout For Building Muscle!

Physique Zero – The Ultimate Bodyweight Workout For Building Muscle!

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Performance Engine Building

Performance Engine Building

Source by Brandon Larsen

Do Judo Players Need To Bench Press?

Do Judo Players Need To Bench Press?

Back in the 80s the question, “how much can you bench?” flooded gyms all over the world. These days you tend to not hear it as much as fitness trainers and gym-goers have found that it is a poor test of strength. Although this may be the case the bench press is a poor measure of strength it is still a good exercise for Judokas.

The bench press targets the chest, front deltoids, triceps and activates a lot of the core muscles (especially when lifting heavy).

When we compete and train we are constantly looking for a reaction from our opponent. It is this reaction we use to attack with to either upset or throw them. We get a reaction in a number of ways. We can attack with a combination, break grips, use mat control and footwork in order to create reactions.

We can also push and pull our opponents. We must feel how they react and adjust accordingly. In my personal experience the more I push the bigger a reaction I get to work with. If I have a weak push then my opponent won’t give me a strong enough push back to work with.

I know that when I push my opponent I am not using the muscles that I use when I bench but I am also using my wrists as well as mat positioning and footwork.

What sort of bench should I do?

A Wide grip requires the trainer to have a wider than shoulder-width grip. This targets a lot more of the chest muscles as opposed to the front deltoids and triceps. although, due to the wide grip you may be susceptible to shoulder injuries.

A Close grip requires the trainer to have a very close grip on the bar, closer than a shoulder-width grip. The Close grip bench press targets the front deltoids and triceps and decreases the amount of chest being utilized. This is a good form of bench press for Judo but due to such a close grip, the elbow joints are placed under a lot of pressure which could result in an overuse injury such as tendinitis.

A Shoulder width grip, in my opinion, is the best form of bench press for Judokas. This is because a shoulder-width grip is not only the same width as your opponent but also divides the amount of work throughout all three muscle groups. Therefore the Chest, triceps, and shoulders are working at the same intensity, meaning you will avoid a muscular imbalance.

In conclusion, I believe the best variation to perform is the shoulder width grip bench press. Judokas should not neglect this fundamental lift and should include it in most strength programs. This is due to the fact that it not only develops a lot of upper body strength and power but also assists in getting a stronger reaction from your opponent. The stronger the reaction you can get from your opponent the more chance you have of throwing them for Ippon.

Source by Matt D’Aquino

Older People Must Build Muscle To Stay Fit

Older People Must Build Muscle To Stay Fit

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It’s easy as one gets older to just sit and let the world go by. It’s even easier with television and computer games to keep them amused. But the fact is that in order to stay fit one needs to work out and build the muscles that have wasted away from inactivity. As they weaken so do those of the heart and lungs and simple walking does help but it’s not enough. So what does one do?
As an older person, my body has problems that are both related to sitting a lot, because I write, and also a bit of laziness. The house is maintenance-free and my robots do the work that once called on me to perform. This has resulted in the loss of balance and also wasted muscles.
When older people fall, which they do a lot, they find it difficult to get up because the muscles are not there to help. The strength in the arms and legs makes it very difficult to get the tension to lift the body. That is why improving balance and building up strength is extra important.
In my case, I joined a gym. This is the first time I have ever been inside one and while it is close to my home it is also women’s only. It has been a great experience and the many friends made already it has lifted my focus away from the computer for hours on end. That’s a good thing as well.
There are PT classes included in the fee and they are based around balance, cardio and heart, and lots of other things. The trainers can also be hired for half-hour sessions, which I found useful for explaining how the various machines work. Now instead of walking, I ride a bike for half an hour to strengthen my leg muscles. This has made an enormous difference to my back and the supporting stomach muscles.
Weights are something I take a little of but don’t push it because of the torn rotator cuffs suffered as a result of a fall seventeen years ago. Many older people have this problem while many others have body replacements. These many are in the knees and hips. Keeping their muscles strong is essential so there are many with these situations at the gym.
Other machines help to stimulate the heart, such as the rowing machine. Push-ups against the bars are another good exercise while the floor allows sit-ups and other maneuvers that all help with strengthening the legs and arms. After only a few sessions I could easily rise from the floor making it possible to recover from a fall.’

While we go by our used-by-date in today’s world we have all the advantages to help us survive. The problem is that most people don’t see it that way.

Source by Norma Holt

Get Buff and Build Muscle Fast Without Steroids

Get Buff and Build Muscle Fast Without Steroids

Want to know how you can get buff and show off sleeve ripping arms in just months from now? In this article, you’ll discover the simple secrets of how to get buff and finally show off the body of your dreams! Well, the truth is that it takes some effort, but if you have been putting in the effort now and not see results then this will be piece of cake for you.

14-day perfect body

Anyway, here are the 8 simple tips on how to get buff for you:

1. Lift Heavy Stuff

The secret to gaining muscle is to lift heavyweights in the correct form. The idea is to lift heavy and increase the weight as often as possible keeping your reps in the 5-8 reps range. Keep lifting and work hard and you’ll see amazing results with this style of lifting.

2. Lift Compound Lifts

You should be getting the most bang for your buck when lifting. Obviously, this happens when you spend the least amount of time at the gym and get the most results. You will gain the best results for the time invested by using compound movements. This is because a compound lift uses more than one muscle group and stimulates a larger release of growth hormone, testosterone, and other muscle-building hormones. A good example is to switch the tricep extensions for heavy dips which would target your triceps and chest at the same time.

3. Full Body Workout

It is a good idea to start out with building solid ground foundational strength through full-body workouts first, before moving on to split routines. Using full-body workouts you are effectively stimulating muscle growth and fat loss at the same time which again, is more bang for your buck. Here’s an example of a workout you might try: Deadlift, squat, bench press, dips, military press, barbell row, Pull-Ups

4. Eat More

In order to build muscle you need to have broken down the muscles and stimulated growth through lifting heavy weights, but you also need to eat a lot of food in order to build up the muscles. You gain muscle from eating excess calories, as opposed to having a deficit in calories when you are trying to lose fat.

5. Eat Frequently

The body will need a pretty much constant supply of protein during the day, and since you’ll be eating a lot more calories than you have ever done before it is not uncommon to split up your 4000-5000 calories in many meals throughout the day. Not many people can eat that many calories in just 3 meals!

6. Proper Supplementation

A majority of people who want to get buff will try supplements. Don’t go for steroids though, because what you will be doing is almost as powerful. Anyway, you should be on a protein supplement, vitamin, and omega-3 supplement. Those are the 3 basic ones that I personally use, but you might also try Creatine Monohydrate.

7. Train Until Failure

The best way to grow is to take each heavy set to failure. That means you cannot do any more repetitions with the weight using the correct form. This means being broken down in the muscle to the fullest extent possible. After my chest days for example, I lift 2 sets of heavy dumbbell presses and 2 sets of bench press, one of them being incline. Then I do 2 sets of dips and my chest workout is done… Yep, that’s it. Yet my chest continues to grow like crazy. That’s the power of training to failure.

8. Sleep A LOT

Most people forget to sleep when they want to get buff. The problem is that you grow when you sleep, not in the gym. So be sure you are sleeping enough each day and not going out too late. Anything that disrupts sleep is negative for your process. Remember your muscles grow at rest, so go to sleep early!

Those are my 8 tips on how to get buff and hopefully, you find them useful. Take care and good luck!

Source by John Hammel

Will William Be King of England?

Will William Be King of England?


Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.

Shakespeare-King Henry IV; Part II. Act iii. Sc. 1.

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,

and all that beauty, all that wealth e’re giving,

awaits alike the inevitable hour.

The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Thomas Gray-Elegy Written in a Country Church-yard

(9th verse) (1716-1771)

Certainly, with the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton (now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), there is much speculation as to whether William will eventually be King of England. While the King’s Numerology never makes predictions, we can look forward into William’s life via his numbers, especially his Life Matrix, which reveal substantive secrets regarding his future as Great Britain’s monarch.

William was born William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor; 21 June 1982 [Wikipedia]. The first evidential aspect to assess regarding a future kingship for William is his Basic Matrix.

Basic Matrix of Prince William

Lifepath: 11-2

Expression: 9

Performance/Experience (life reality): 11-2

Soul: 8

Material Soul: 55-1

Nature: 1

Material Nature: 66-3

Basic Matrix Assessment

The numbers of William’s Basic Matrix reveal an individual whose numbers support the role of a ruler or leader. They don’t necessarily imply a person will be a king, but they do corroborate the characteristics necessary to the task.

The 9 Expression

Because it is the Grand Elemental and the Number of Mankind, the 9 of William’s full birth name gives him the universality to appeal to all people because not only is the 9 “all people” (all numbers), it reflects every number to that number, thus making the 9 very magnetic, charismatic, universal. Thus, the 9’s universal appeal is excellent for anyone in a public leadership position.

The 11-2 Master Achiever

Working and building in the field of relationships is important to success. The 11-2 master achiever energy is excellent for a leader. William’s 11 Lifepath and 11 PE (the role of his life) are important signals that he will be involved in relationship. Interestingly, William’s mother, Princess Diana, also had an 11-2 in her PE. She also had an 11-2 Material Nature. His father, Prince Charles, has an 11-2 Lifepath. Therefore, it’s not unusual that their first born son would have their energies, especially given the fact of destiny being set before a person is born. Because William’s parents both had the 11-2 in their charts, his schooling to be king one day would only be helped. It’s like being a famous athlete who was born the child of famous athletes. Parentage does bequeath advantages.

The 55-1 Master Explorer/Creator

Having the 55-1 master number in his Material Soul gives William a worldly desire to be a one-of-a-kind individual and leader. The 55-1 does not want to be like everyone else, and in fact it is not. It is very unique. It is also filled with fire because both the 1 and 5 are fire signs. As we also know, 5 is the fulcrum, the midpoint, of the Alpha-Numeric Spectrum, giving it the ability to move with equal ease up and down the Avenue of Crowns. Therefore, the 55-1 is a positive adjunct to William’s 9 energy.

The 1 energy in William’s Material Soul is strengthened by the 1 in his Nature, compounding the power of leadership, action, going first and showing the way. William is his own person even though his life’s lessons and role in life are to be involved in relationship. The two 1s and two 2s in his Basic Matrix give him the ability to act independently while still being a support person, and even though a king is a monarch, he supports the monarchy governing his domain and the people within it.

The 66-3 Master Lover/Artisan

Love in communication is a phrase befitting the 66-3. The personal love and nurturing touch of the 6 in a master frequency (11 x 6) is highly attuned to being positively communicative. This 66-3 is in William’s Material Nature (his worldly personality) and this bodes very well for him, not just in his personal life but also in his public life.

The 8 Soul

The 8 Soul has a desire to manage, administrate, orchestrate, coordinate, and lead, not so much in the pioneering manner of the 1 but in a context of social interaction and management. The Soul energy is the engine that makes the person tick and tock. It drives him, and William is driven to be the 8, to be socially powerful, have status, and connect the dots of his work and career. It is an excellent energy for one who has leadership qualities and seeks to govern well.

Basic Matrix Summary

William’s Basic Matrix is comprised of energy suitable to him, or anyone with the same numbers, being a unique person (1) with universal appeal (9), working in the field of relationship (2), being communicative and approachable (3) and desiring to manage and execute. This pattern will certainly serve him and England well should he become King. And will he? There is a very good chance of it, and the secrets are clearly indicated in his Life Matrix. Let’s take a look.

Prince William’s Life Matrix

Prince William’s Life Matrix clearly manifests, prima facie, the potential for him to be King of England. This doesn’t mean he will automatically be his country’s monarch, but the numerical combinations in his chart certainly reveal the potential for monarchial success.

Whether one is an experienced numerologist or a fledgling novitiate, when one looks at William’s chart, it is impossible not to notice the master number of the executive, administrator, manager, general, or prime mover.

Grand PC Couplet: 8/44-8

In the King’s Numerology, the Grand PC Couplet stands for the core Pinnacle and core Challenge of a person’s lifepath. The Grand Pinnacle and Grand Challenge are usually different numbers. However, in Prince William’s chart both house the same 8/44-8 Influence/Reality set (IR set) indicating management and executive leadership. The 44-8 is in the outcome position of the 8’s causal influence. The 44-8 in the King’s Numerology is called the master worker/leader energy. It often occurs in the charts of great leaders and generals. Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, General George Patton, General Douglas MacArthur, Mother Teresa, and others have this energy dominant in their charts.

The timeline of William’s Grand PC Couplet is from age 44 to 52. This is a powerful indication. William also has the 8/44-8 IR set in his 2nd Pinnacle which begins at age 35. Corroborating this potent 8/44-8 energy is his 4th or Crown Challenge which begins at age 53 and continues to death. Therefore, Prince William’s 8/44-8 IR set of management, executive leadership and worldly success begin at age 35 and continue to the end of his life.

In partnership with the 8/44-8 IR set is the 1/1 IR set which reflects the leadership, star, center-of-attention, and solo aspect of life. No two numbers express management and leadership more than the 1 & 8 together. It must also be taken into account that William’s Soul-his most primal desires, needs, and wants-are ruled by the number 8. Therefore, William’s life will give him exactly what he wants-worldly success, status, power, and executive command. Even though the King of England has only figurehead status, his personality will have a bearing on his position and its affect on the English people, especially given the fact that this is now a social world, an age of the 2 energy, and not an individual world of 1 energy of the last millennium.

Final Epoch: 2/11-2

Williams’ 3rd Epoch (beginning around age 55) is a 2/11-2 – the energy of his Lifepath and PE (his performance in life). Obviously, he will be intrinsically connected with his potential role of relationship when he enters this energy field in his later life.

We must also remember that the filter of William’s Life Matrix IR (Influence/Reality) sets is the number 9, his Expression. The 9, as we know, is the number of universality, the masses, the public stage. Therefore the 1 and 44-8 energies in the Reality or Outcome fields are awash in universal energy and the public.


As stated at the beginning of this article, The King’s Numerology never makes predictions. It assesses and analyzes numerical energies and patterns to see how they interrelate with one another. Given the numbers, number patterns, and number placements in Prince William’s chart, it is quite possible that his life role of being the next King of England is highly probable. And if this is to be the case, the lesson to gain from his numbers, as with all of our numbers, is that life is destined, and there is, unequivocally, a divine design to life and destiny!


Source by Richard Andrew King

Training Female Athletes – The Keys To Designing a Successful Conditioning Program

Training Female Athletes – The Keys To Designing a Successful Conditioning Program

It is time that we, (the educators, teachers, parents and coaches) of female athletes all understand and accept the fact that female athletes are different from male athletes and these differences require a female athlete to train differently from boys/men. Female athletes are different in stature, muscle strength and have joint issues different from their male counterparts. This does not make female athletes weaker mentally or physically in any way. In fact, a female athlete’s unique anatomy and biological makeup makes them more conducive and more successful than boys/men in certain sports and activities.
It is also time to get away from the practice of female athletes using the men’s conditioning programs and protocols. Girls/women deserve more time and attention given to their conditioning programs and we all must work to erase the myths, stereotypes, social pressures and negative attitudes associated with the practice of strength training. Coaches of female athletes may need to educate themselves on how to design a strength and conditioning program for their female athletes and stress the importance of continuing a program over a period of weeks, months and years. Studies have shown that women do not adhere to a strength training program as much in comparison to men.
When I talk about strength and conditioning, I am not recommending that an athlete join a health club, spend a lot of money, train on exercise machines or buy big and bulky pieces of equipment for their basement. It is important to point out that female athletes can train at home or in a comfortable environment with a minimal amount of equipment and space. Using an airball, dumbbells, tubing bands or just your body weight, can be effective training aids in delivering a great workout for an athlete with little or no dent to the pocket book.
Listed below are the keys to developing a proper strength and conditioning program for female athletes. This is what the female athlete should be doing!
1. As a young girl just starting out in sports or physical activities, training should focus on sport movement, sport strength and sport balance. In other words learn how to move efficiently within your sport. Work on basic movement skills and the fundamental skills in your sport. Learn how to stop and start, cut, twist or turn. Girls need to learn to move more like tennis players. Tennis players stay forward on the balls of the feet, taking lots of little steps. They stay in an athletic stance, ready to move, pivoting on the front of the foot, with the knees bent. It is also important to keep the knees over the toes. Emphasize lateral and rotational movement patterns. Perform agility drills to teach change of direction while staying low in an athletic stance with knees flexed. Strength training must be sport specific, whole-body and multi-joint. The hip, the foot, the trunk and the shoulders all control the knee. Start with body weight exercises before adding external resistance and balance training needs to be incorporated into the conditioning program. Keep training fun. This is like a training for training period.
2. At a young age, girls should learn how to jump and land to prevent injuries, in particular anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) knee injuries. It is extremely important to have controlled, quality landings and soft landings from a jump, land like a feather, not wobbly knees or hard, loud landings. Land on the balls of the feet with knees flexed and ankles bent to absorb the force. It is important for coaches to teach and monitor how a girl handles a jump.
3. At a young age, girls should learn how to run properly. Coaches should teach the proper form, biomechanics and foot strike technique. This will contribute to a smooth, efficient motion and help prevent injuries in particular overuse injuries to the knee, hip, back, foot and ankle.
4. Stress the importance of wearing the proper shoes when strength training and in practices and games. Women are more flat-footed and knock-kneed so it is critical their shoes or insoles address these issues.
5. It would be ideal for a girl/woman to start a strength and conditioning program at least before junior high if they plan to compete and be successful at the high school or college level in their sport. The training should be year round with the proper amount of rest periods incorporated into the yearly training cycle. High school female athletes most definitely should be strength training year round.
6. A strength training and conditioning program should focus on exercises that strengthen the knee joint to help prevent ACL injuries. The quadriceps, especially the vastus medialis and more importantly, the hamstrings, which is normally much weaker in strength in comparison to the quadriceps in women. Also strengthen the abductors and adductors.
7. Focus on core strength. This does not mean training for appearance by getting a six pack. What I mean is training the chest, abdominals and upper and lower back and hip areas. These are problem areas for many female athletes. Train the core from a standing position, this is more functional and more sport specific. If you are ever pressed for time and can only do a few exercises, do core work.
8. If the sport requires a good deal of throwing motions, train the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder joint. Also work the upper back muscles, the rhomboids, which help stabilize the scapula and takes stress off the shoulder joint and musculature.
9. Train in a functional manner. Most of the exercises in the training program should be closed chain, (standing, feet on the floor) which incorporates balance, coordination, agility and proprioception into each movement. Get off the machines and move freely with multi-joint and multi-planar exercises.
10. Stress proper nutrition and hydration at a young age. We are seeing osteoporosis in individuals at younger and younger ages each year. I highly recommend that female athletes and their parents meet with a Nutritionist/Dietician to ensure that the female athlete is getting the proper nutrition on a daily basis in relation to her activity level. It is safe to say that all female athletes could benefit from a daily multi-vitamin.
11. When a female athlete is maturing (12-13 years of age), training emphasis should shift from training for athleticism as a youth, to training to enhance locomotion, level changes, push pull movements and rotation. If an athlete has a strength training history and has developed a good strength and flexibility base, the athlete can then incorporate more advanced forms of training into their program. For example, more advanced plyometric training, training for speed, power and explosiveness and power training with the Olympic lifts. This is a training to compete period.

Athletes, please consult your physician before starting any new exercise program.

Source by Margaret Hofmann

Why Hockey Goalies Must Bench Press

Why Hockey Goalies Must Bench Press

In my practice as a fitness coach I do not typically need to sit down and convince an athlete that bench pressing is appropriate training for goalies. Typically, I need to convince them that they do not need to bench press and biceps curl on a daily basis. Usually, it is when I am speaking with other fitness coaches that I need to espouse the virtues of bench press training for goalies or any hockey player for that matter.

Okay, I can see the goalies out there reading this article and thinking, “now this is my kind of trainer!” and fitness coaches out there reading it thinking, “this trainer is an idiot!” I do not want to debate either point today, but I do want to point out that there are many bench press variations, some being very useful for hockey goalies.

Variation #1 – The Barbell Bench Press

This is what you immediately thought of when you read the title of this article. It is probably why you clicked through to read it. This variation places the athlete flat on their back on a bench with their feet flat on the floor and pressing a barbell from their chest to an extended elbow position. Does this have any place in the hockey goalie’s strength training? If this athlete will be tested in the bench press at training camp, then yes it does! If this is not a part of pre-season testing then in my training for goalies it gets very limited rotation. Because there is minimal stabilization required through the core and hips I think the strength developed with this exercise is not maximally transferrable onto the ice. Remember we are only trying to build strength that we can use on the ice. You are not trying to spend hours in the gym building big dumb muscles that will only weigh you down when it comes to actually playing hockey.

Variation #2 – Dumbbell Press on a Stability Ball

Now we are talking! Pardon me if I get a little technical here, but the first thing you need to keep in mind is the principle that muscles do not work as individuals, they work in chains. So when I think of a dumbbell bench press on the stability ball I am not just thinking in terms of the pecs, triceps and anterior deltoid. I am thinking of the fascial connections that Thomas Myers describes so well in his book Anatomy Trains. The chain of muscle and connective tissue which links the Pectoralis Major (chest muscle) to the Rectus Femoris (six pack muscles) and into the Adductors (groins). Amazing isn’t it there is a connection between your groins and your chest muscles! In terms of goaltending, picture the link when you make one of those spectacular glove saves while going down into a split position – stretch on groin, stretch on abs, stretch on chest and shoulder, but no injury!

The first thing to do if you want to try this exercise is to make sure you have a burst resistant high quality stability ball. Do not use one that you picked up at the discount store for fifteen bucks! That ball could burst and serious injury will result.

Now that you have your high quality stability ball you will begin with a load approximately 10-20lbs lighter than you typically use for dumbbell press. Make sure the ball is sitting on a non-slip surface such as a rubber floor. Again, if the ball slides out from under you, you are going to hurt yourself. Sit on the stability ball holding one dumbbell in each hand, resting them on your thighs. Slowly walk your feet forward as you lay back onto the ball. Continue walking your feet forward until the ball is resting at shoulder level and the back of your head is lightly touching the ball. Now lift your hips so you make a straight line from your knees, through your hips, to your shoulders. Hold this position throughout the entire set.

Remember when I talked about the chain of muscles you use when you perform the bench press? Well, performing the same exercise on a stability ball activates another chain of muscles and one that is essential when we are talking about training for goalies. By keeping your hips up as you perform bench press on the ball you are activating the “superficial back line and the posterior functional line”. In other words now, instead of training the pecs, anterior deltoid, triceps, abdominals and groin muscles, you are also training your hamstrings, glutes which are huge pushing muscles, back extensors which help you keep your chest up during a long game without slouching in to a fatigued posture and even your latissimus dorsi. That is getting a little more return on your investment of time and effort, isn’t it?

Want to get a little bit more out of the bench press? Okay, try this – One Armed Dumbbell Press on a Stability Ball. Once again you will need to use a slightly lighter weight than you used for the two handed version. This variation will bring in the abdominal obliques to a greater extent and your will really feel the glute (butt muscle) on the same side as the dumbbell working hard to keep your stable. When doing this exercise, make sure you keep your hips up and level, do not allow your hip on one side to dip. If you cannot execute the exercise with perfect technique, then lighten the weight until you can. Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest muscle in the link.

So there you have it my argument for why hockey goalies should bench press. Should they only bench press? No. I am actually a huge fan of push up variations and standing cable press, but sometimes the bench press gets discounted as a bodybuilder exercise, when it actually does have a place in training for goalies.

Source by Maria Mountain

Amongst Us

Amongst Us

Angel sightings have been reputed to come or appear in and around many world locations. In all shapes and sizes, an avalanche of sightings has been reported as “Spirits of Light, Fleet and Airy, or as Spirit Helpers in Flesh – Mysterious Strangers,” writes Michael H. Brown, in his book “The Trumpet of Gabriel.”
History has recorded visions, prophecies, predictions, and chastisements – received by men, women, and children. They have appeared with messages while arriving with swords, wings, and other weaponry. Many of them came as the early churches began to take form. The came when Rome was under siege. It’s been said Angel’s accompanied the “Black Death” in the social uprisings of Europe as well. Whether or not – if we do or do not heed their warnings or messages; major intervention and supernatural events have been recorded and witnessed while spiritual agitation and coming change is inevitable. Food for thought is the simple practice of spirituality in everyday life by everyday human beings. A tradeoff has occurred where spiritualistic disconcertion has swapped health and “Holy Spirituality” for materialism. Idolatry of money and selfishness come with a price.
A man from a Philadelphia suburb posted a message to a billboard in the Oxford Valley Mall area. The board, smiling face and all, smacked drivers and passengers alike, right in the eye with his message. The personal request for angelic intervention read: “Will You Be My Angel?” The outdoor billboard overlooking the area highway(s) is 20-by-60 feet in measurement. This Richboro fellow is advertising for a kidney donation. Folks in the donor program and support circles do not approve of his methods for angelic contact. “It’s a total disregard to all the people on waiting lists,” says the program president for the “Gift of Life” organization. I don’t think Mr. Smiley gets it – the most prevalent of angelic messages is that society must reform itself or face the consequences. The messages brought forth to humanity serve to forewarn people of all faiths and denominations, especially in this time of disease, evil, war, and economic upheavals with impending changes on the horizon.
The word “Angel” means, “Messenger.”
On December 10th, 2010, my Granddaughter, Gianni, cited a most soothing and heartwarming birthday wish – she cited this psalm for me – Luke: 2:10:11 “And the Angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born (this day) in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”
The words of this five year old, was the highlight of my birthday. The quotation accompanied a hand drawn crayon and paper birthday wish. The gesture warmed my soul and touched my heart deeply. The fulfilling time spent with my wife and the gift from my granddaughter was the highlight and best of all birthday gifts. The angelic presentation brought me to think of angels. How many times have they made themselves present in your life…and mine? I think on many occasions.
One has to wonder…which are the good angels and which are the lying wonders? The false prophets that we were warned of – Matthew (24:11), “the beginning of sorrows” – one had to be particularly cautious, yes? Evil spirits have been known to masquerade as angels. World leaders have espoused prophecies in past and present. Angels could assume the appearance of a living person, taking whatever form they desire. They have whispered in our ears, or appeared in our dreams, or have given us a subtle taste of spiritual nourishment. But most often, its been said, angels remain in their invisible state. There is a movie in circulation. It’s titled “Legion.” The story puts “Michael” against “Gabriel” in opposition over the protection of man. In Jewish, Islamic, and Christian faiths, Michael is a field commander in the “Army of God.” He is also described as a protector and advocate of children. Gabriel is described as God’s Messenger. Archangels – Gabriel is known as the Chief of the four favored angels. Michael, Raphael, and Uriel are the other three, and the spirit of truth.
As Oracles of God, angels have been known to arrive and deliver divine and/or authoritative decisions and messages. They have also come to tell us when things are not well.
The Lord’s attempts to nudge us back to his embrace, is made very clear in this passage – Amos (4:7-8): “I also withheld rain from you, when there were still three months to the harvest. I made it rain on one city, I withheld rain from another city – one part was rained upon, and when it did not rain the part withered. So two of three cities wandered to another city to drink water. But they were not satisfied; yet you have not returned to me.”
Another warning to bring peace into the human heart reads – “One can stop wars, one can suspend the laws of nature, the tranquility of love and God.” A message to Christians: “Stop carping at each other, there is only one mediator between God and man…it is Jesus Christ; it’s up to God and only God to judge various religions…every person is equal before him – not in false praise, but from the heart.”
It was angels who warned about Sodom (and Gomorrah) and who gave John the book of ‘Revelation.’ While the appearance of angels have always been around, they’re appearances were without a doubt on the way to some sort of crescendo. We can protect ourselves by controlling our thoughts and actions. We should always remember the stark warning that was given in the scriptures regarding “false prophets showing great wonders and signs so as to deceive, if possible, even elect.”
Michael is really much higher in rank than what is commonly thought of as an “Archangel.” He is involved as prince of the angels and is the counterpart, the great nemesis and defeater, of Lucifer – (Revelations 12:7-8). In the book of “Enoch” he is called the guardian of the people and guardian of paradise. In Islamic writing, according to the prophet Daniel, “the Holy Spirit will stand up at the time of trouble.” Jews invoke, in both the New and Old Testament, Michael as the principal defender of the Synagogue – Daniel (12:1).
Today, more than ever, never was there more reason to refer to this passage – “Love your fellow man always – do not neglect to show hospitality, for by that means some have entertained angels without knowing it” – Hebrews (13:1-2). People don’t pay heed to many spiritual warnings where society is full of materialism and violence. Society has been given ample time to reform their corrupted ways. “The church once stood before the world as testimony against greed and materialism, against the love of things, against self-love, against hoarding and covetousness. But now, the world sees the church as its biggest competitor for the “good-life!” Wall Street vacuumed huge dollar amounts out of this credit-crazed economy. It is no sin to earn good money whereas for decades the American Economical System was designed to reward those who contributed to the overall public well being. “The system twisted itself to the point where thousands were making a killing on mergers that hurt mainstream Americans whose employers were stripped of cash by the Wall Street carnivores,” cites Brown of Pastor David Wilkerson at Times Square Church in New York City. Those who serve and worship created things rather than the creator himself – “man cannot serve both God and Mammon.”
It’s been said the Devil has an enormous army, and is leading his army to kill souls – but his army is not as great as God’s Army, which is under the orders of Michael the Archangel. The hour of Satan and his great power is the hour of darkness. Man must not glorify himself in place of God! “The Prince of Pride will and can be defeated by humility.”
“Television has become the perverse instrument of a daily bombardment with obscene images,” said Gobbi. “And has also grown into another abomination – desolation. The world has become a cold and barren desert immersed in the ice of hatred and in darkness of sin and impurity. What was once undercover is now coming into the open more and more.”
In concurrence with Father Stefano Gobbi who quotes, “The spiritual battle precedes the physical one – more than ever, Gabriel is at your side to give each one of you the very invincible strength of God, and Raphael is healing you of the numerous wounds which you often bring upon yourselves in the great struggle in which you are engaged.” Lucifer is losing strength – to maintain himself as repentant, but this is not true. Lucifer is cunning and clever. He is preparing a great deception for all of God’s creation, and especially for the people of God,” says Josyp Tereyla while quoting the ‘Virgin Mary’ in a dream he once had.
“Three evil spirits: false religion, politics, and commerce dominate many nations on Earth,” as expressed by the Ukrainian Activist Terelya. “The son of man will send out his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and those who practice lawlessness, and will cast them into the furnace of fire.” Matthew (13:41).
For every demon there are at least two angels. They are at our sides in every circumstance and will never abandon us no matter how situations seem. We will learn the key to heavens love of our Sisters and Brothers and most importantly – love of God! When all shall appear lost, all will be saved. When the Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and other Archangels descend – they will raise their horns and in the end it will be a different planet – it will once again be God’s planet and seen as his creation.
Revelation is not a seven-year realm; it is rather an eternal thing. Not the end of times but the end of an age where prophetic and apocalyptic happenings are occurring.
“A judgment is coming!”

Til next time.

Source by Gregory V. Boulware

Best Wrestling Pre Season Strength and Conditioning Program

Best Wrestling Pre Season Strength and Conditioning Program

When writing any training program, it’s important to cater changes based on when the athlete needs what skill most for his next upcoming training event. For ex) intermediate & advanced athletes can get in competition cardio shape in no more than 3 weeks; it doesn’t make sense to waste valuable training time/energy on this at the beginning of the summer unless you’re training for summer competitions/travel teams. While you can get in good cardio shape in 3-4 weeks, it takes much longer than this to build real physical strength. Unbalanced programs focus on running their athletes to death during the time they could be weight lifting and getting physically bigger/stronger. A good pre-season weight lifting program for wrestlers will spend the majority of its time strength training with only the last couple of weeks working directly on hard cardio to get the max benefit of all attributes needed for competing.
Our program splits up 12 weeks (+1 down week) prior to the start of wrestling season into blocks of different types of training so it caters to the wrestler’s needs as he approaches the deadline. The first 4 weeks of our program is designated for power and size, the second 4 weeks focused on strength conditioning and the last 4 weeks for endurance and cardio. While each four weeks will focus on one specific attribute, you should include the others as well but as a smaller percentage. For example, during the strength conditioning cycle, a small percentage of power exercises should also be included in the program. If you don’t do this, you will still be in great shape for the season but may have lost some of the hard earned strength you gained at the beginning.
During each week, lift weights twice/week (for ex. Monday and Wednesday) and add one day of strength conditioning (Friday). For weight lifting sessions, choose compound movements such as the back squat, bench, deadlift and/or clean for testing maxes throughout the program. For these main exercises, cycle weeks of 5, 3 then 1 rep schemes followed by accessories for repetition work (8-15 reps). During the power phase, choose accessories to help build the particular exercise for your next 1 rep max. During the strength conditioning and endurance phases, choose accessories to help strengthen muscles used for particular wrestling moves. Keep records for both power movements (singles and rep work) as well as accessory lifts. In our program, we use Friday as our strength conditioning day and this is done in our wrestling room. This day is used to develop strength and speed during wrestling combat. When right before a tournament, sometimes this day is used as an extra wrestling day for more conditioning or to cut weight. All sessions whether weight lifting or conditioning should last no longer than 90 minutes.
For lower body weight lifting, choose a compound exercise to be performed first, preferably a variation of some type of squat or deadlift. If following a 5, 3, 1 rep scheme, choose a type of squat (back squat, front squat or box squat) for weeks where 5 and 3 reps are performed; choose a type of deadlift for 1 rep maxes. We do this because most of our lifters are young ages (10-18), have less developed posterior chains and single rep max effort squats pose a high degree of complexity/danger (more so than a deadlift). When performing a one rep max, continue to perform sets adding weight until the max is reached, however try to avoid total failure/missing a weight. When working in the 3-5 rep ranges, perform 3-5 sets. After the main compound lift is done, follow up with 3-4 accessory lifts for 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. Good accessories include exercises to work the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and quads. Examples are glute ham raises, stiff leg deadlifts, dumbbell deadlifts, romainian deadlifts, good mornings, leg curls, pull-throughs, belt squats, reverse hypers, back raises and sled pulling. Finish your lower body sessions with abdominal work preferably performed for 8-12 reps holding weights whenever possible.
For upper body power, choose the bench press as your exercise you will max with for testing new strength. Choose bench variations for 5 and 3 rep schemes such as the floor press, board press, rack press from different heights and even the cambered bar. Choose a second type of press for extra tricep work as your first accessory. Pick accessory lifts to help build lagging parts of your bench max and perform 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps. For example, if you miss your max bench at the top of the press, work this motion with repetitions in board and rack presses. If you miss your max bench at the bottom of the lift, push ups w/chains, dumb bell presses, floor press and cambered bar bench pressing will help. After the pressing accessory, work the lats/back for 4-8 sets of 8-12 reps with all types of pull-ups (+ weighted), lat pulls, bar and dumbbell rows. Beyond this, pick 1-2 other accessories and perform 3-4 sets of 8-15 reps targeting your shoulders, traps, neck and/or arms. Grip is also extremely important for the wrestling mat and should be trained at the end of each upper body session (and never before).

If training three days/week, two days will be weight lifting and the third will be a strength conditioning day. During the power phase, make this day another weight lifting session in the gym focused on pulling/posterior chain, neck/upper back & heavy core. During the strength endurance & cardio phases, train in the wrestling room with body weight or light weight exercises for high repetitions. Try to choose exercises that will strengthen/enhance specific moves; for example performing shots against band resistance. Also include numerous body lifting drills for example, shooting in for a takedown then lifting your partner and carrying him for 10 feet instead of finishing the shot. Perform 5-10 repetitions of this. Superset band or light weight rep exercises with wrestling drills. For ex). Band only good mornings & kettle bell swings superset w/buddy carries &/or takedowns after the lower back and hips are pre-exhausted. Exercises like sled pulling, farmer’s walk, beating a tire with a sledge hammer and flipping giant tires are excellent for this type of training.

Source by Dan Levesque

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